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Who is Callix for?

Our amazing service is available for


Businesses based in the UAE.


Companies of any size, specially Small and Medium Enterprises.


Executives that need a tireless Personal Assistant.


Organizations and Enterprises that want to be open for business 24/7.


Companies that want to boost their sales.


Startup teams having difficulty attending to every call while performing other functions.


Online shops that need to provide perfect Customer Service experience.


Busy Self-employed Entrepreneurs that need to deliver and generate new business at the same time.

It only takes 4 Quick steps!

The 5 minutes that will change your whole business.

  • Sign up for a FREE trial

    Experience Callix for limited time period.

  • Configure Settings

    Configure your account with frequently asked Questions and Answers about your Business.

  • Go live

    Publish your new number on your Visiting Cards, Shops, Offices, Websites, etc. Tell the world you're available 24/7!

  • Track the Calls

    Our massive team of multi-lingual operators will pick up the calls in your business' name, and you receive notifications instant details of these received calls.

Benefits of working with Callix

Be one of the best when you choose UAE's first Call Center for XS to XL businesses, managed online

  • Test the Callix experience for FREE

    Try Callix for a limited time and see how it works!

  • 24/7 response to all calls

    Catch all your leads, important meetings, and customer complaints all day, every day.

  • Multilingual agents

    Answer calls in your preferred language with our diverse team of agents.

  • Customizable online Admin panel

    Choose scripts, default language, office timings and more.

  • Instant Notifications

    Monitor calls and get notifications integrated in a comprehensive reporting system.

  • Hassle-free, no-fuss system setup

    Just sign up, and sign in. No hardware installations, no assembly required.

Your Control Panel

Everything you need for complete control



- Edit your settings like Questions and Answers, Callix package, etc.
- Choose your own number.
- Upload your personalized IVR greeting.


- Listen to recorded calls
- See number of calls received within a given timeframe.
- View most popular questions asked by callers.


- Receive notifications for Urgent messages.
- Get reminders for billing.
- View last message and last inbound call received.

Ultimate call management solution

Callix is the ultimate call management solution tailored to suit your business.

Callix gives you more than a team of people taking your inbound calls. It's a tool for you to manage your business more effectively and efficiently. No need to spend thousands on expensive call center contracts, or in-house call reception systems that do not provide you with easy access to data that you'll need to improve your system.

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Here's some questions potential clients have asked us

Q: Can I use my existing landline number when I sign up for Callix?

A: YES. Just set up call forwarding to your newly-assigned Callix number. Please contact your service provider for more information.

Q: Do I need to change my office landline number?

A: NO, but if you want to, you can use it as your main number. You may also use your Callix number in other ways:
- as alternative 24/7 hotline number.
- as unlisted, automatic call forwarding number when your phone is unattended (please contact your service provider for setup information)

Q: Can I forward calls to you only when I'm occupied?

A: You have the option to set up your Callix number as your automatic call forwarding number. Please contact your service provider for more information.

Q: Do you only answer calls that are left unattended to?

A: NO. We answer all inbound calls all day, every day.

Q: Can I use Callix to answer calls only during after-office hours?

A: Callix will attend to all calls at any time, every day. However, it is your option to set up call forwarding at particular times.

Q: Will Callix do outbound calls for me, e.g. marketing calls, return calls, etc.?

A: Callix offers on-demand outbound calls with Callix PRO. Please contact your Callix relationship manager to find out more.

Q: Do you have a trial package before I actually commit to a paid subscription?

A: YES, it's 100% FREE. You can try Callix for a limited time period.

Q: Is this real people or robots picking up?

A: Callix has real, actual people on standby to pick up your calls. Callix knows the importance of the "human factor" in communication, and that makes the Callix experience special.

Q: Will I need a credit card to pay for my Callix package?

A: NO. There are other payment options like bank transfer, cheque, or cash to be paid at our office. However, we also accept online payments to get you up and running in no time.

Q: Can I stop Callix services right in the middle of billing period?

A: YES. If you feel like the system isn't working for you, you may choose to end the service anytime.

Q: Is Callix based in the UAE?

A: YES, we are proudly based in Dubai. We'll gladly receive you at #407 - IT Plaza, Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Q: I am from a different emirate. Will I be able to get a number that begins with my emirate's dialing code, for e.g. Abu Dhabi - +971 2?

A: NO. All Callix numbers are registered in Dubai, therefore you will be provided with a Dubai dialing code (+971 4). This means that if you are based in other emirates, you can still avail of Callix, but your Callix number will begin with the Dubai dialing code.

Q: Does Callix pick up and then transfer calls to other numbers?

A: YES. We can transfer the call to any landline number. Just like your regular receptionist!

Q: In the Starter pack, you mentioned 5 Questions and Answers included in the package. Does this mean my callers can only ask up to 5 questions every time they call?

A: The number of Questions and Answers in each package means the number of prepared responses you can forward to our Callix agents, for them to provide to your callers.

Options for all your needs.

Choose the package that will revolutionize your business.

Unparalleled Value. Unmatched price. Ultimate solution.



3 days

  • Unique UAE Landline Number (With personalized greeting)
  • Call Recording
  • Unlimited Questions and Answers
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Instant Email notifications
  • Instant Mobile notifications (Android and IOS app)
  • 24/7 Inbound Calls
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Basic Plan
AED 799

Per Month

  • Non-Unique UAE Landline Number (Extension Based)
  • 5 Questions and Answers
  • 300 Inbound Calls per month Limit
  • Instant Email notifications
  • Instant Mobile notifications (Android and IOS app)
  • 24/7 Inbound Calls
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Classic Plan
AED 899

Per Month

  • Unique UAE Landline Number (With personalized greeting)
  • Call Recording
  • 30 Questions and Answers
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Instant Email notifications
  • Instant Mobile notifications (Android and IOS app)
  • 24/7 Inbound Calls
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Best Choice
AED 999

Per Month

  • Unique UAE landline Number of your choice (With IVR)
  • Call Recording
  • Unlimited Questions and Answers
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Instant Email notifications
  • Instant Mobile notifications (Android and IOS app)
  • 24/7 Inbound Calls
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Need more?

We can customize a full blown call center solution for your business - operators included

Callix Pro

The bespoke solution
To be quoted

Per Month

  • Dedicated Key Account Manager
  • Unique UAE Landline Number (With personalized IVR)
  • Response Tree
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • On Demand Outbound Calls
  • Instant Email notifications
  • Instant Mobile notifications (SMS)
  • 24/7 Inbound Calls
  • Call forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • And more...
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