5 Common Customer Service Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

5 Common Customer Service Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Committing mistakes is inevitable in the realm of business. Although they’re almost always unintentional, these errors are usually caused by either of the two drivers — bad choices or poor habits. Over time, these little acts of negligence and oversight can pile up and damage the reputation that took you years to build.


Don’t wait for your customers to switch to the competition before you start taking action. We have listed down the top 5 common customer service mistakes committed by call center services providers and how you can fix or avoid them.


Lack of training

Some companies would just hand over a manual to their new hires before ushering them to their workstations, with the expectation that they should have memorized the rules and scripts by the letter before the end of the day. This results in customer dissatisfaction and high turnover rates since the employee is not fully aligned with the company.


Solution: Nothing beats a comprehensive experiential training if you want your agents to have adequate knowledge and skills to wow your customers. Hold live demos and initiate role-playing scenarios where they can apply what they learned to identify areas of strength and improvement.


If getting an in-house customer support desk seems like an expensive investment your business can’t afford yet, there are plenty of reputable call center outsourcing companies in Dubai with highly-trained agents that offer solutions for every budget, such as Callix.


Being reactive instead of proactive

Do you wait for your customer to reach out or do you initiate contact? If you identify with the former, your customer support is reactive in nature. While it’s not entirely wrong, having a reactive mindset prohibits you and your agents from exercising foresight. The bottom line? Find the complaints before they find you.


Solution: Take the time to identify pain points and lay down precautionary measures such as FAQ pages and instructional videos, which can aid your customers without them feeling the need to reach out to you.


You can also conduct surveys and follow-ups – Callix offers inbound call center services so you can initiate conversations and engage with your clientele.


Being inaccessible

47% of mobile phone users will immediately switch to the competition if they can’t find your company phone number. The telephone may seem like an obsolete piece of technology, but it’s still the most preferred mode of communication over chat and email, especially when 91% of the smartphone-owning population always have their devices at an arm’s length.  


Solution: Plaster your contact details on all your collaterals — your calling cards, your brochures, flyers, and most importantly your website — and make sure that someone is manning your lines at all times. A caller would hang up after the fifth or sixth ring, and if you do beat the buzzer before they put down the handset, you best believe they’re no longer in a good mood.


Callix offers unique Dubai-based landline numbers starting at 799 AED, and we guarantee that your landline will be manned by a trained operator 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  


Refusal to take ownership

Business owners have the tendency to live in denial and would rather pass the blame when customers begin pointing lapses. What’s worse is when the blame is passed on to the customer, who clearly isn’t at fault, to begin with.


Solution: Swallow your pride and apologize, and then take responsibility by offering a solution. Nothing beats empathy and the genuine desire to make things right when it comes to these sorts of scenarios


Refusal to adapt

What does Blockbuster, Sears, and Vine have in common?


All three were household names in their heyday, but their failure to keep up with the changing times resulted in their demise.


Solution: Don’t rely on yesterday’s practices when dealing with today’s customers. Are you still monitoring your sales by pen and paper? Logging your calls through offline spreadsheets? It can be quite uncomfortable to leave your comfort zone, but if your getting way behind the competition, it’s time to jump headfirst — fast. You can start with adopting a dashboard that lets you monitor all your metrics, such as Callix’ secure and easily customizable admin panel that can be accessed anywhere via internet.


Moreover, teach your customer support agents to practice flexibility and good decision making when faced with an unfamiliar issue. This is why it pays to invest in training and knowledge-building workshops, so your people know your business from the inside out.


No business is entirely safe from committing mistakes. As long as you’re quick on your feet to identify the issue and consequently turn things around, the customer would easily forget the slip-up and instead remember how well you handled the issue.

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