5 Helpful Tips to Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

5 Helpful Tips to Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

No business is safe from being on the receiving end of customer complaints. Whenever we receive a call from an upset customer, we automatically assume that something is wrong and either go on the defensive or phrase our response on what we think the customer wants to hear.


Here’s a statistic business owners may want to gloss over: for every customer complaint you receive, there are 26 more that chose to remain silent. It gets worse — according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, a dissatisfied customer would share his or her experience to 9 to 16 colleagues. These are highly worrisome figures, more so in the age of social media where information can travel faster than you can blink. Hence, it’s important to learn how to deal with complaints effectively.


The first step is to look at customer complaints in a different light. Treating them as verbal attacks will automatically make you dread them. Look at them as helpful feedback instead which you can use to improve your products and services.


To help you manage customer complaints more effectively, here are 5 tried-and-tested tips straight from one of the most trusted call center outsourcing companies in Dubai.


Thank your customer for calling and sincerely apologize for the trouble


Let the caller know that you appreciate the effort he or she took to reach out to your company. Keep in mind that the customer could’ve chosen to switch to your competitor or worse, rant about your “mistake” on social media, but instead he or she chose the high road by asking you for a resolution.


Next, offer a sincere apology. Don’t mention names, don’t point fingers, and most importantly, don’t be passive-aggressive. Just say sorry for the inconvenience and mean it. By doing so, the customer would feel understood, which would help diffuse the situation.


Listen carefully


We all have the tendency to blurt out impolite remarks when we’re in a bad mood. When dealing with a complaining customer, keep in mind that he or she is upset about the situation, so don’t take things personally. Remain in control of your emotions and try your best not to interrupt, so you can listen and ask questions without bias.


Feel free to steer away from your pre-prepared questions—the customer will surely take notice of your attempt to strike a genuine conversation.




When attacked, your automatic response might be to the side and defend your company, but that would make matters worse for your business. Instead, try to imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. Before offering a solution, ask yourself this: will it solve the problem if you were in the same situation? If you’re coming up blank, find someone else who can help—fast.


Follow up


The process is far from over once the caller hangs up the phone. Find out if the support you offered was indeed satisfactory by reaching out to the customer at least a day or two after the initial call. If you think about it, how else would you know if your advice was effective? This also communicates how you prioritize their satisfaction.


It may seem like extra work, but luckily, there are third-party call center service providers that offer outbound call center services who can make these follow-up calls for you.


Learn from the experience


What do you do after resolving the issue? Give yourself a pat on the back, of course!


Kidding aside, take note of the complaint and analyze the problem. Is it a recurring issue? Has it been brought up before? If so, maybe it’s time to revisit your rules and policies. Complaints offer significant insight into how your business performs from the perspective of your customers. They might range from mundane to deadly serious, but they all have the same goal: to point out your business’ shortcomings so you can do something about them.


You can’t expect your customers to be happy all the time, but you can definitely turn their disappointment around with proper complaint management.


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