7 important questions you should be asking your customers

7 important questions you should be asking your customers

Customer service agents undergo rigorous training to ensure the satisfaction of their clientele. They respond to queries, explain and clarify protocols, listen to rants—the essence of their work, basically, is to engage with the customer.

As a business owner, has it ever crossed your mind to reverse the situation? You ask the questions, the customers provide the answers. According to a 2012 study by survey platform Cint, 62% of their respondents claimed that they will support a brand that asks its customers for feedback. Survey forms are one way to extract that information, but why not go the extra mile and call? Get to know your customers—and your business—a lot better by asking them these important questions.


Did you easily find what you were looking for?


By opening with this question, you can easily find out if you were able to deliver your brand’s promise to the customer, and it gives birth to series of follow-up questions that would help you understand your customer’s journey the way they experienced it.


How would you describe your interaction with our employees?


The response to this query will give you insight on how your front liners interact with your clientele. Are the customers treated well? Were your employees rude? Were they accommodating but clueless on how to run things? If you’re thinking of running a training program or a refresher course for your employees, asking your customers this question will definitely help you decide whether it’s necessary or not.


What did you like most about our service?


Discover your strong points by asking your customers directly what they are! The answers may surprise you, but most importantly, you can use this to leverage your brand from your competition.


What did you like least about our service?


After asking your strong points, it’s time to identify aspects which you can improve on. By hearing this directly from your customers, it would be easier for you to address your weak points because their responses to this question will be followed with…


How can we serve you better?


Suggestions and feedback! Feel free to ask them to expound, elaborate, and provide examples. This is your chance to hear your customers wants and needs. Whether it’s how they want to be treated or additional products and services they want you to offer, take note of their musings and keep them all in mind. After all, how else will you scale if you don’t know what your customers want?


How likely are you to repeat business with us?


Are your customers loyal or are they all just one-time guests? Several studies have proven that acquiring a new client costs a lot more than keeping old ones. It’s important to learn how strong your client base is, because…


Will you refer us to your family and friends?


Nothing beats word-of-mouth advertising — not even the largest billboards or the most famous endorsers. If your customers are satisfied with your products and services, not only are they bound to keep coming back, they’d also bring more people with them. In business, the more is always definitely the merrier.

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