How can you create an effective FAQs page?

How can you create an effective FAQs page?

Getting in touch with the customer support team is usually a customer’s last resort when he can’t find the answers in a company website, that’s why the FAQs page plays an important role in your online channel. Your business probably has one already, but is it optimized properly? Does it actually contain the answers your website visitors are searching for? Turn these curious guests into paying clients by following these tips we have outlined below.


Round up the questions asked by your customers the most

This might sound like common sense, but company websites have the tendency to display questions that they assumed will be asked by the customers and visitors. By consulting your staff members who encounter and respond to queries on a regular basis, you’d be able to craft content for your FAQs page that will align with the people meant to read them.


Keep the information updated

Did your company undergo restructuring? Or perhaps you opened a new downtown office? However minor the change is, make it a point to check your FAQs page regularly and update the information to ensure that what’s written there is up-to-date and relevant.


Make sure the page is easy to find and navigate

All the hard work you dedicated in creating a FAQs page will go down the drain if people can’t find it to begin with. Reference the page all throughout the website, and group your questions into categories or use headings to keep it organized.


Include a search feature

Not everyone has the time to peruse the whole page, especially if yours is chock-full of content—regardless how organized it is. For readers who are in a hurry, a search bar that recognizes keywords will cut time significantly. Consider putting one on top of your FAQs page so it’s the first thing everyone sees when they open the page.


Write your content in the language your customers would understand

Your website visitors come from a wide range of backgrounds; not everyone would have the same level of knowledge that you have towards your business. When crafting your questions and responses, phrase the statements in a manner that even children could understand. Avoid jargons and highfalutin terms—use layman’s terms as much as you can if possible.


Encourage interaction

How would you know if your FAQs page is effective? By asking for feedback, of course! Let your guests leave comments and suggestions on the page, you can even include a feature where they can answer the questions of other visitors—just make sure that your regularly monitor their responses in case some of them tries to post anything unrelated to your business. Lastly, encourage them to submit questions as well. This way, you can keep tabs with their concerns and you’ll find out the questions that you have yet to answer.


It’s time to see the FAQs page as more than just a mandatory section of your website. If utilized properly, it can bring in more people to your business! As the most trusted call management solution in UAE, our team of call center agents can definitely help you take the first step in this endeavor. Just sign up for one of Callix’s packages to gain access to your customers’ frequently asked questions! Call us at 800 CALLIX now to learn more.

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