How is customer experience different in the healthcare industry?

How is customer experience different in the healthcare industry?

Delivering an excellent customer experience is challenging in all kinds of fields, but the stakes get much higher in a life-and-death environment such as the healthcare industry, where ensuring customer satisfaction isn’t merely a means to generate sales and revenue.


The difference between a customer and a patient


Although both terms have been used interchangeably over the years as hospitals and medical centers began to adapt a more business-like setup, it’s worth noting that the relationship between a patient and a service provider such as a nurse or a doctor runs deeper than that of a customer and a sales agent.


For one, most of the individuals who avail hospital services don’t even want to be there in the first place. Whereas customers come in to satisfy a need, patients are looking to avoid or fix a situation. Moreover, customers can walk away freely once they’re done availing your products or service, while patients are tied down with obstacles that prevent them from doing the same thing.  Lastly, unlike shoppers in malls and retail outlets, the clientele of the healthcare industry are often at their most stressed and vulnerable state, which requires a more personalized and empathetic approach from service providers to ensure satisfaction.


Improving the overall patient experience


A good start to improving the patient experience is to ensure that your business—this includes the people behind your operations—serve because they genuinely care about your stakeholders. Having the brightest medical practitioners and experts at your disposal would not amount to anything if your patients were not taken care of in their company. More than seeking treatment, these individuals entrust their lives in your hands because they know you have the capacity to make them well. Besides, empathy is scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects that can help your patients feel better—empowered, even.


Encourage your staff to build trust and rapport and to be more patient than usual, especially when explaining to the patient that the internet doesn’t hold the answers to his illness. In this field, a simple mistake or oversight can cause detrimental consequences. :


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