The proper way to ask your customers for feedback

The proper way to ask your customers for feedback

Every successful business started out small. In order to scale, entrepreneurs would have to gather the thoughts and opinions of the people who tried out their products and services to be able to identify their strengths and pain points.


Nowadays, it pays to exert more effort in collecting feedback from your clients. Would you rather see their insights immediately posted online, where you can no longer answer nor control the reactions of the people who will read it? Asking for feedback can seem like tedious work, but not if you know exactly why and how to do it.


In this blog post, we will discuss the proper way to ask your customers and clients to share your insight.


Identify why you’re asking for customer feedback


Before you start drafting the questions for your feedback form, you would need to ask yourself why you need your customers insights in the first place. Are you looking for a way to differentiate your business from the competition? Would you like to improve your service? Are you introducing a new product? By doing so, you get to craft specific questions that will get you the responses that you need, instead of generic feedback that results from vague inquiries.


Start a conversation


Don’t limit yourself to survey forms when collecting feedback. Instead, take the time to engage your customers in genuine conversation through a personalized email or a phone call. You can hire an outbound call center for this one, so someone else can make the calls on your behalf and you can devote your time to taking care of other aspects of your business. There are various third-party call centers in UAE offering this service, like Callix for instance.


By being proactive and taking a step further to elicit a response, you ensure that your request won’t be set aside, and you immediately get a response. Moreover, this tells your clients that you’re willing to establish and build a connection with them, and that their opinions are actually heard and taken note of.


Collecting your customers insights allows you to see your business and your offerings from a different perspective. Although the feedback you’ll receive won’t always be positive, try to view their comments and suggestions as constructive criticism. Thank them for sharing their time and thoughts, and use their responses to tailor-fit your changes and improvements according to their wants and needs.

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