Top 3 Common Customer Complaints in the Healthcare Industry


Top 3 Common Customer Complaints in the Healthcare Industry

Last month, we discussed at length how customer service is different in the healthcare industry. The overall sense of urgency along with the gravity of the cases handled by the service providers in this field make for a challenging—and at times stressful—working environment. Hence, it comes to no surprise that 96% of the complaints filed by patients aren’t about the medical service they received, but about the customer service (or lack thereof). This is why third-party providers of customer support services such as Callix are seeing an increase in clientele from the medical and healthcare industries—in-house staff are now in dire need of an extra hand.


To help you identify and address these issues, we outlined the top three common complaints below.


Long wait times


Patients share the same sentiment when it comes to setting an appointment or simply sitting outside the doctor’s office: they do not appreciate being made to wait. While this is understandable in emergency room cases where triaging applies, long wait times are still a common scenario in the other areas of the hospital. Despite advancements in technology such as online appointment setters and automatic reminders, unforeseen circumstances can still affect an otherwise flawlessly planned schedule. The best thing you can do to avoid cranky patients is by providing some sort of in-house entertainment (i.e. a game room or reading room). Being transparent about the length of wait time upon the patient’s arrival will also help manage his or her expectations and prevent miscommunication.


Availability of provider


Having to wait for the healthcare provider for an hour or two only to be shooed out the door a few minutes after doesn’t sit well with patients as well. We’ve talked about not treating patients as customers in an earlier post, but keep in mind that  they are still paying for your services, and they expect to get their money’s worth. Give them ample time to voice out their concerns and ask questions, and make sure to respond clearly to ensure that they understood and they will comply with your directions. Keep in mind that patient satisfaction should always be the end goal.




Checking out of a medical facility is rarely a smooth sailing experience. There’s forms to fill out, insurance papers to sign, bills to review—from the patient’s perspective, he or she might feel like you don’t want him to leave! To avoid misunderstandings and make the checkout process as smooth and fast as possible, make sure that everything is already organized beforehand and be prepared to answer questions as direct and thorough as possible. In case of follow-up appointments, be ready to present a schedule along with the check out forms so the patient is informed of future expenses early on.

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